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We make the darkness tremble


Who Will Benefit​?

GloryB helps adults 17 years of age or older who are suffering from the acute trauma caused by sex trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse, also known as SRA. (YES, sadly this does exist.)

Keep It Real—Help Them Heal

We provide support through a Survivor Alliance Support group that has also become a new healthy community for those we serve while they heal the Mind, Body & Spirit.

The Hope of GloryB

We aim to offer supported living in a secure family environment very soon. We will operate as a Multi-Disciplinary Team using collaboration to treat the whole person effectively. Our program will provide healing from a place of safety and peace through to the victory of independence.


Who is GloryB?​

We are a team who share a common purpose to:

  • Help victims of complex trauma recover through Post Traumatic Growth

  • Provide FREE safety planning to those identifying with a DID diagnosis

  • Impact change in the foster care system

  • Develop a support network, to walk life together as survivors begin to live independently

  • Grow our collective voice to stand against the use of others for profit.

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