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Our mission is to give opportunity for healing through our person-centered care and individualized safety planning.

We believe pain has a purpose, transforming survivors through their healing journey, to reach sustainable independence.

We encourage the exploration of faith without judgement or rejection. 

We believe that everyone can become a valued member of the community, using their experiences of recovery to help others, and  contribute to the fight against Human Trafficking as peers and colleagues.


We vow to make individual care and safety plans that empower Post Traumatic Growth.

We vow to advocate for each person’s best interests when they are actively engaged with GloryB.

We vow to remind you that you are not your past mistakes, nor to blame for them or any fornication made by you or forced upon you by others.

We will strive to be the hands and feet of Christ in our actions by honoring and loving each person in the safety of GloryB.

We vow to pray for you and to foster your unique gifts and talents.

We vow that pay will reflect the value our team of staff hold to GloryB.

Lastly, we vow to follow a healthy protocol of self-care and wellness of the GloryB team, ensuring we can run the race of life in communion with each one of you.


With love,


GloryB Team

Unite with us through prayer, in alignment with our pledge.

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