SASS continues through the Pandemic - meeting via Zoom March-July 2020


As the Pandemic hit the nation GloryB continued to support our members through:

Community, Fun and games, Social chat room, Q & A, 

Surprise deliveries, and Complete Elevate Academy curriculum phase 3! 


During this unprecedented time, our clients have been confined at home and many memories of forced confinement have arisen. GloryB was able to facilitate support for one another, give encouragement, and share a laugh or two with our members. Holding each other up and providing much-needed fellowship. We are honored to have built such trusted relationships with each other.  

We are extremely grateful to our donors, partners and the marvels of technology to make this possible. 


We will launch a new group In September. Applications welcome!

SASS members have access to FREE professional training and development, resources, services, and fellowship and community through connection with healthy virtuous people.

In SASS we believe that surviving trauma involves acts of bravery, shows incredible strength, and involves first-hand knowledge. 

GloryB is creating a legacy for survivors to share their knowledge in this professional arena so that others do not have to suffer the same trauma.

We encourage other organizations, businesses, and HT professionals to share leadership with survivors from our informed SASS HT panel.

Take care and stay safe everyone!

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upcoming events and new groups in your area.

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