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Our Founder, Tiffani Price, is a young woman with a dream and passion for making change. She achieved one of her life goals in May 2020 when she graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Analysis. Her education is one of the many victories Tiffani has experienced in overcoming adversity. As a survivor of Human Trafficking (HT) and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Tiffani deeply understands the many difficulties facing vulnerable populations. She is passionate about making a difference in this professional arena and founded GloryB, a nonprofit organization to help and support those like herself.

While trying to survive the foster care system for many years, Tiffani struggled with her relationship with God and her ability to love people. As Tiffani took steps to start the healing process, she began to allow God to heal her of her past, and she began to embrace forgiveness. She has surprised us all that her joyful personality has remained intact, and she has learned to love again with a desire to share this with others. Due to this, God has called her to serve at-risk youth and adult survivors of Complex Trauma. 


Her effort is unique because she is determined to empower other survivors and impact change by training survivors and their allies to make a difference in their communities. These powerful life experiences have inspired Tiffani to establish a non-profit organization with a dream of opening a trauma restoration home to help other survivors see their value and worth. 

Through her multi-disciplinary team of volunteers, staff, and partners, Tiffani has created a healing, stabilization, and restoration program. Tiffani is also passionate about providing sustainable care for the residents of GloryB.


Through her many different experiences, Tiffani has become an informed Human Trafficking and Complex Trauma advocate. She has worked the front line providing direct support to survivors in a residential safe home.


She has had the privilege of sharing her story with many different audiences and has been a guest speaker at several events, including TRAC annual fundraiser, Free for Life International annual gala, Poiema Foundation annual gala, DBU HT seminar, UNT HT class, several Zeta Chi events at DBU, and has appeared on several expert panels to discuss Foster Care and HT. 


She also has set up a survivor support group, SASS. She is working to secure funding and mentorship to operate her non-profit responsibly. With the diverse experience of her Board of Directors, she is supported to manage the organization and make informed decisions for GloryB. We also have the privilege of working in partnership with several professionals and their teams to help uplift other organizations and nonprofits within the DFW area working towards the same goal.

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